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The hunters

As you sit around the fire with fresh food in your stomachs, you know that our people have hunted for hundreds of years in the same manner as you did today.  But we have not always hunted.  Hundreds of years ago, the world was different.  We were slaves to the children of the earth. We did not realize that we had no freedom, but thought rather that the luxurious opulence was worth dying for.

It was a difficult choice to make, to abandon that life.  Every man and woman was forced to make that choice, on the back of a bronze turtle.  Atop the turtle the men and women of the world looked down at the forests and the tribes and the people and the animals on the ground.  The men said to one another, “it is good and it is true for men to hunt for their food and for women to care for their young.”  And the women said to one another “Lest we forget the mistakes of the past, let us move the stars to remind us where we came from and where we are going.”  And so it was.

And so in the sky we are always reminded of the past.  To the north lies the hammer and the sickle, a reminder of the failure of creation.  For every good that is created, two more goods must be destroyed in its creating.  Instead, we take what is given to us by the turtle, our constant guardian and protector.  Out of its mouth comes the animals we hunt for, and into its heart go our souls when we die.


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