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If you are happy that the world keeps spinning, time keeps happening, and seasons come and go, then welcome to Solar Day. Solar Day is a quarterly holiday celebrating the passage of time. It is non-political and non-religious. It is a holiday for people who want something to celebrate without having to worry about why that day is special. It celebrates something that is both fundamental and completely beyond humankind.

Each Solstice and Equinox is celebrated by taking some time out of the day to quietly reflect on the previous months. I like to write an account of what I did in those months in a special book I have. Afterwords, you can have a feast if you like.

The Spring Equinox is the Feast of Greens, featuring vegetables. The Summer Solstice is the Feast of Water, featuring soup and fish. The Fall Equinox is the Feast of Grains, featuring bread, and finally the Winter Solstice is the Feast of Meat, featuring delicious meat.

During the feast, it is important to verbally acknowledge all the good and bad things that have been done and that have happened during the past three months.


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Zodiac Dreams

This is a game idea I have been kicking around in my head for a while. Of course, the plot is thin, and I am not a programmer. It is probably not as good as the shitty games that are being made today. This post is so I can have it written down so I don’t forget about it. (more…)

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(I couldn’t figure out how to end this, so I will just post it)

“Jacob is a liar. You can’t believe a word he says.” I could feel Thess’ words drift along the table, turning heads as they went. (more…)

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mare liberum

Plexiglas was invented in 1933 by a man in Germany. (more…)

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The Dimenthesien Gate split the world. From one side, it seemed like a large pyramid, but from the other side, it seemed like a dark doorway. It could not be seen by eyes or photographed by lens and film, but everyone knew its appearance. From far off, it loomed as large as the pyramids at Giza, but the closer it was approached, the lesser it became, until it seemed small enough to be sat on by a child, or to fit inside a spoon, or to dance on the head of a pin. Through it all the problems of the world were sent. (more…)

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