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Trim tapored tips tap yellowed yards
Time takes trips through besodden bars
Thrush cowels cast transparent chars
Tempest of erstwhile effusive sloughs

Tillman and Rudyard calling the hours
Trenchant and torrid the turgid towers
Twirllpools eschew talapia sours
Tedious temerity tests windfall showers

Twisted trifurcated trees touching tears
Tandem taup hangings heft hurried fears
Tremor-filled fields slip sideways smears
Timber and twine test sprightly spears


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What do you do with a view?
You stare for minutes or hours
into the soul of the land;
the sky, the trees, the empty places,
all stretch out further than
you can see.

To see everything down there
from where you are up here
is to see the world like God;
the god who is your neighbor
and has its house on the hill next to yours
– but not as high of a hill
and, so, not as far of a view.

There is nothing more important
than to see beyond your own two hands,
past the book you are holding,
out beyond the walls that hold your pictures
and into the world that is not you.
Could anything be more important
than a house with a view?

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