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Trim tapored tips tap yellowed yards
Time takes trips through besodden bars
Thrush cowels cast transparent chars
Tempest of erstwhile effusive sloughs

Tillman and Rudyard calling the hours
Trenchant and torrid the turgid towers
Twirllpools eschew talapia sours
Tedious temerity tests windfall showers

Twisted trifurcated trees touching tears
Tandem taup hangings heft hurried fears
Tremor-filled fields slip sideways smears
Timber and twine test sprightly spears


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this story is from 2007

Elizabeth Barrett Browning
A Short Story

My Drst. Dr. Drnb.
I hope this letter finds you well. As you no doubt are awairs, my name is Elizabeth Barrett Browning, but all my friends call me B.B. I was pleased to make your acquaintance on the night of last one because at the time I was enraptured with discovering the truth about “door-knobbs” and all the little things that can go wrong with them for a book I am writing for my father who is in prison for robbing a little boy from his mother for a few weeks for a month or so for a while and anyway the book is about how to break out of jail but then in the end I just got really interested in doors in general and now I am writing a book about “door-knobbs” and so when I discovered that your name was “Doctor Doorknob” I almost shit myself. Please find inclosed a sample of my story thus far, so you can see what kind of information I need to include into my story from this point onwards.

Purely Enraptured,
E. B. Browning


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